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Top !!!!!

Top !!!!

Very Good

App is stable and complete. Is possible also the login trough google plus or Facebook.

Excellent app

Very good to find real state to rent or for sale in Italy. When the owners furnish a precise location you can use the map street view to evaluate the neighborhood. Did not initiate any negotiation so far, so I cant tell how reliable are the offers, but the functionalities in the app are great. Can search real state from a locality name or directly from the map. Most offers come with pictures, descriptions are good. For foreigners a little googleing after contractual terminology may be necessary.

No bugs, good alerts!

Works just as it should be! Nice and clean alerts also! If you need renting options, this is a good call!

Very helpful

Really good App!

Very Intuitive

Easy to use, flexible and very intuitive

Perfectly good

Nice app with good options. Easy to use. Highly recommended.


Best app to buy or rent house ,room and so on....

needs improvement

please improve: 1. no search by keywords?! 2. include search option for properties with rectangular Pool 3. search option for Shaped Pool 4. search Near the Sea 5. search option On the Sea 6. search option on Cliff with view onto Sea 7. search by Lake/River 8. search option for Pond 9. Satellite view 10. search option for Cellar 11. search option for Gym 12. search option for Conservatory 13. search by province does not work 14. eMail contact within app is erroneous 15. returning to app or opening it again should start where you last left off

Great to use, superb visuals

Ive been searching for my ideal property in Italy for over a year and this is the best app for the job. Well designed, you can select the area on the map, put filters in place and the search is displayed momentarily. You can save searches, get e-mails of newly listed places etc. Fantastic app, thanks.

Nice App for Home Searching in Italy

See above.

Best app for looking at property in Italy

This app is easy to navigate and provides all the info needed to rent or buy property in Italy.

Great app

Best app for real estate market in italy

Great app accurate data

I love this app, great coverage, easy to use,

Well organized, very helpful

I cant recommend any improvements. The developer created this great app, that is very easy to use.

Perfect app, very useful

Perfect app, very useful


Whether youre an ex-pat or doing business in Italy for an extended period of time, is the essential app.

love it!

very helpful, easy to navigate

Great Applcation


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